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When we launched, we knew that the most appropriate word to use in describing our service was “Trusted”. What other word is more important when searching for a company that will treat you fairly and purchase your property when and how you want? We also wanted to grant the ease of clicking a few buttons and control of the process…hassle-free and a speedy close.

Welcome to easy and fair. Welcome to Trusted Cash Offer.

Click and sell to a trusted home buyer.

Our Founders

After years of experience working in the mortgage and real estate industry, Will Corey, Isaac Moore, and Andrew LeBaron teamed up to offer home owners a superior home selling experience, one that can be trusted, and the company was born.

It was time to put the power of home selling back where it belongs, to the homeowner! Selecting the move out date, the price, and letting our firm handle all the costs and paperwork associated is paramount in a convenient sale. It can all be done from the home computer, smart phone, or a text message, either way, we are ready to serve you.

Issac and Andrew
Darren Boodle
Blaine Wright

Executive Staff

Pamela Sanchez

We have a strong and reliable set of executive staff who aid you through the home selling process efficiently! With years of experience as executive assistants, we are proud to have a team of devoted customer service professionals with unparalleled dedication, commitment, and integrity.
Pamela is the glue that holds the team together. From years of experience in admin, managerial, and customer service roles, she manages our transactions and operations smoothly. She is innovative, resourceful, and very dependable. Her commitment and dedication to serving our clients is inspirational and exemplary.

Proudly Serving

Trusted Cash Offer is currently serving the state of Arizona. Our leadership established its roots in this state and continues to grow for eventual multi-state servicing opportunities. We primarily focus on AZ but will assist you with our infinite partnerships nationwide if your property resides in another location.

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Because online home selling is a newer concept, we want to walk you through the process step by step. | 602-456-6348